How did you get into traveling?

I have been a globetrotter since I was 4 years old. Coming from a family passionate about traveling and working in the industry, it really became part of my norm. Being diagnosed with the travel bug is one of the best things that you could catch and i’d rather you get it sooner rather than later!

Should I travel before or after college?

In my honest opinion I think you should travel whenever you can fit it in. Traveling before college has advantages because you can relax and find yourself before hitting the books for another 3 years. If you try to travel after college you might be preoccupied in finding jobs and internships instead. In my personal experience I study for my degree online so I can send my assignments whilst laying on the beach in Bali 🙂

What is your favourite city so far?

I find a piece of myself in every city I visit. Each one gives me inspiration, ideas and perspective. I fall in love with every city for their own unique reasons, but London will always be why my heart beats.